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Lisa's Tattoo Portfolio


Lisa has been a professional tattoo artist since 1991.
Along with a formal studio apprenticeship, she studied Art History at Arizona State University, completed numerous Bloodbourne Pathogen courses, First Aid and CPR. She is also a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. She is an award winning Tattoo Artist and her work has been internationally published.

Lisa has chosen the pieces in this gallery to give you an idea of the kinds of subject matter and styles of tattooing she does best. She prefers to accept projects in the same vein as the work in her portfolio.
Lisa specializes in fine line tattooing with an emphasis on portraiture, large wildlife and large floral tattoos with a general minimum price of $120.

For alternative styles, please browse our other Artist's portfolios. We believe that you should be paired with the Artist who will execute your design best.

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Lisa is available in our Clear Lake studio.

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